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About Carolina Gold Oysters

Chadwick’s Seafood was established in 2016 by two young fishermen who have been the best of friends since they can remember. Tyler Chadwick and Norris Hill were eager to provide North Carolina with the most divine seafood that the waters of the Crystal Coast had to offer.

Starting out with a dozen crab pots, they were ambitious with the quality of their product. Eventually, they were catching shrimp, varieties of fish, and other shell fish.

A few months after the 3rd anniversary of Chadwick’s Seafood, Tyler and Norris established the “brother” company; Carolina Gold Oyster Company.

The meaning behind Carolina Gold Oyster Company

Chadwick’s Seafood always strives to provide the highest quality products. Two years ago, Tyler and Norris started their oyster campaign for fresh, local oysters that they would harvest themselves. They began the day riding out on the water trying to find wild oysters to harvest that already were not in a private bed. The quality and abundance they found was very, very low. So, Tyler and Norris started talking about an oyster lease that would provide them an optimal supply of oysters so they could start providing their community with a 100% organic, 100% sustainable oyster. Once they decided that was what they were going to do, they immediately did research. Following their research, they discovered what it takes to grow an oyster from start to finish and that it was going to be a tedious process. Tyler and Norris applied for a lease through the NC Division of Marine Fisheries and after 8 long months, they were granted the lease! Carolina Gold Oysters will be the meaning of a true, wild oyster.

How we grow our Oysters and how long does it take to grow?

Carolina Gold Oysters are grown in the wild, just like any other wild oyster! Oysters feed off the natural plankton and algae organisms that already grow in the water. Carolina Gold Oysters grow in a floating bag system. This system has floating mesh bags that hold the oysters just below the surface in the water column. To have a general idea, the water column is measured from the bottom surface of the body of water to the top surface of the body of water. This area of the water column is proven to be the highest quality of food provided by Mother Nature. Because Carolina Gold Oysters are growing in the water column, they never touch the mud, which is preventative of being gritty and muddy when harvested.

A Carolina Gold Oyster, a 10 to 12-millimeter seedling to a full 3-inch oyster, takes between 6-9 months (fastest growing) and 10-18 months (slowest growing). An oyster that grows in the mud takes about 3 years to grow full size.

When do we harvest our oysters?

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t eat oysters unless the month has an “R” in it!”. With today’s technology, Carolina Gold Oysters can be consumed every month of the year.

What we specialize in!

Carolina Gold Oyster Company specializes in growing single oysters, rather than oysters that grow in a cluster. All the oysters are uniform in size and have a deep cup. There are many, many ways to prepare Carolina Gold Oysters. You can serve them raw on the half shell, steam them, or even make oyster Rockefeller. Each way to prepare them is unique, but the true flavor is in the oyster itself.

Looking for fresh, local oysters but no luck year-round? Look no further! You can order Carolina Gold Oysters today in the comfort of your own home from our website! With free overnight shipping to your doorstep, ready to eat or cook!

Where oysters are grown

Our oysters are raised in the waters of Wards Creek, which is a small creek off North River. North River has two major sources of fresh ocean water that feeds our oysters twice a day (at both high tides). This makes the oysters very meaty and gives them a fresh, salty and ocean taste.