Hello, I am Tyler Chadwick, a commercial fisherman and owner of Carolina Gold Oyster Company. My family has a long history in commercial fishing since the 1800s. I learned the fishing trade from a large extended family of commercial watermen.  Fishing is not just a trade but a way of life for me.  What I love about fishing is being on the water at four o’clock in the morning to check my nets, seeing nature wake up around me as the sun begins to rise.  My passion is providing the highest-quality, local seafood to folks, just like me, who love eating the freshest local products.

Norris Hill is also an owner in Carolina Gold Oyster Company. He has been commercial fishing since 2010, and like myself, heralds from a long line of commercial fishermen. Norris fishes the Newport, North, and Neuse Rivers for blue crab, flounder, trout, spot, and shrimp.

Two years ago, Norris and myself started our oyster campaign for fresh, local oysters that we would harvest ourselves. We began the day riding out on the water trying to find wild oysters to harvest that already were not in a private bed. The quality and abundance we found was very, very low. So, we started talking about an oyster lease that would provide us an optimal supply of oysters so we could start providing our community with a 100% organic, 100% sustainable oyster. Once Norris and myself decided that was what we were going to do, we immediately did research. Following our research, we discovered what it takes to grow an oyster from start to finish and that it was going to be a tedious process. Norris and myself applied for a lease through the NC Division of Marine Fisheries and after 8 long months, we were granted the lease! Carolina Gold Oysters will be the meaning of a true, wild oyster.

Our oysters are raised in the waters of Wards Creek, which is a small creek off North River. North River has two major sources of fresh ocean water that feeds our oysters twice a day (at both high tides). This makes the oysters very meaty and gives them a fresh, salty and ocean taste.

Carolina Gold Oyster Lease